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We do not just supply customers with innovative engines. We offer our expertise and know-how customers of different sectors, e.g., Mobility, Agriculture, Construction, Power Generation, Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, etc.

NGV Powertrain’s advanced engineering services mainly refer to 3 fields: Software & Electronics, Integration/Application engineering, Hardware.

Software & Electronics

  • Logics for ECU & VCM
  • Engine calibration
  • Logics for injection system
  • Remote diagnosis and SW update
  • Universal diagnostic tool
  • Display/dashboard integration

Powertrain application design

  • Mechanical
  • Electronic
  • Thermal


  • Key powertrain components development
  • Injection system for innovative fuels
  • Patented architectures


Our proprietary remote assistance & control system, called MEMAG, is able to communicate bi-directionally with our engines.

For the aftermarket, we provide customers with a universal diagnostic tool, which can connect not only with NGV Powertrain’s engines, but also with all the mainstream electronic control units available in the market.

Customers can monitor fleets and check engine status to detect anomalies and prevent machine stops. When field issues happen, the tool shows and translates engine fault codes and identifies components affected, possible causes and solutions.

Thanks to remote diagnosis, predictive maintenance, and update over-the-air, it is possible to maximize productivity and minimize energy consumption and machine downtime, ultimately leading to financial benefits to the business of end-users.



We provide diverse services to our customers, together with a qualified network of distribution and aftersales partners. The overarching goal is to maximize “uptime” of the machines, avoiding breakdowns and unpredicted maintenance stops, in order to improve financial performance of customers’ business.

Spare parts sale and maintenance

NGV Powertrain’s network of world-class distributors, workshops, and service centers, provides capillary service to customers worldwide. Moreover, our products have most parts in common with mainstream industrial engines, so they can rely on great availability and rotation of parts.