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The repowering of vehicles and machines can take different shapes: conversion from diesel to natural gas, hybridization, improvement of performances, adaptation to new emission regulations etc.

In repowering, NGV Powertrain converts used engines of almost all of major manufacturers. An overhaul is also carried out. In this way, these assets are given a second life.
If the same concept is applied to the overhaul of the whole vehicle, the lifetime of a fleet can be extended by 10 to 12 years.

Another possibility is to install a new engine on an existing vehicle.

Repowering has countless advantages: it promotes reuse and reduces resources employed in scrapping old vehicles and producing new ones. Secondly, the repowered vehicle reaches the desired emission standards in a very short time and yet gains reliability. In addition, compared with the purchase of a new vehicle, it is significantly cheaper; thus, available resources can be invested in other projects.