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At Hyvolution Paris, on 1st and 2nd February, we will unveil the first 8.7-liter H2-ICE, developed together with our partner FEV France, and built on NGV Powertrain’s fuel-agnostic engine platform.

Hydrogen is the most plentiful element in the universe and – as a zero-carbon fuel – its use in a H2-ICE is a quick and efficient way to tackle climate change.

Solutions and technologies that enable the decarbonization of transport – and industrial sector, of course – address to road, construction and agricultural vehicles, ships, trains, and even aircraft.

The NGV-FP087 H2 fits for on-road and non-road applications and, if compared to a diesel engine, it has the same operations and habits, a commensurate performance and unparalleled environmental benefits.

Moreover, one of the main advantages of the H2 ICE is the retrofitting option through which it is possible to replace a diesel or petrol fired combustion engine with a power unit that is in line with climate concerns.

A solution that will be surely of great interest to enterprises owning fleets of buses or trucks.

What are the advantages of this development?

  • Reduced NOx emissions (more than 80% less NOx compared to Euro 5 standards).
  • Like a fuel cell or a battery solution, the hydrogen engine emits no CO2, since there is no carbon in the hydrogen molecule (H2).
  • With retrofitting, it is possible to retain the existing vehicle fleet while making it greener.

Who We are?

NGV is an innovative startup manufacturing the next-gen of internal combustion engines.

Our company was founded in 2019 by visionary leaders of the sector. Since then, we design, develop, homologate, manufacture, sell, and service innovative engines fueled by Natural Gas, Biofuels, E-fuels, Hydrogen. Our mission is to decarbonize the hard-to-abate sectors of mobility and power generation and enable sustainable business models. We are a certified engine manufacturer serving the OEM market and the retrofit of running fleets, offering high-tech customized solutions for decarbonization and connectivity.

Our company is already supplying its Euro VI Step E powertrains to its international customers.

In a future world with fewer engines… We take a different way.

After the development of our injection and control systems, we continue to pursue the development of a broad line-up of alternative-fuel engines. Next steps in 2023 will be the Non-Road Stage V homologation and new engines in the line-up.

Looking ahead, we continue to develop clean engines and innovative solutions for several industries. Our concept of “fuel agnostic” solutions will be further strengthened by the launch of the alcohol, LPG, and NG marine versions of NGV-FP087 engine, already developed in NG and H2 version.

About FEV

FEV has always pushed the limits.

FEV is an internationally recognized leader of innovation across different sectors and industries. Professor Franz Pischinger laid the foundations by combining his background in academia and engineering with a great vision for continual progress. The company has supplied solutions and strategy consulting to the world’s largest automotive OEMs and has supported customers through the entire transportation and mobility ecosystem.

As the world continues to evolve, so does FEV. 

That’s why FEV is unleashing its technological and strategic expertise into other areas. It applies its forward thinking to the energy sector. And its software and system know-how will enable the company to lead the way making intelligent solutions available to everyone. FEV brings together the brightest minds from different backgrounds and specialties to find new solutions for both current and future challenges.

But FEV won’t stop there.

Looking ahead, FEV continues to push the limits of innovation. With its highly qualified 7,000 employees at more than 40 locations globally, FEV imagines solutions that don’t just meet today’s needs but tomorrow’s. Ultimately, FEV keeps evolving – to a better, cleaner future built on sustainable mobility, energy and software that drives everything. For the companies’ partners, its people and the world.