Our Purpose

With our solutions we want to protect the environment and nurture economic and social well-being.

Our Vision

We are pioneers in a green circular economy.
Through our solutions we promote a renewable and sustainable systems, ready to be applied and realized in all countries in our world. We believe there are many paths but only one future.

Our Mission

We develop innovative power systems. Systems that are ecological and economically accessible.

We work together with our partners in order to sustain alternative mobility models and power generation, so creating virtuous ecosystems that are competitive on the market. We convert existing systems with our integrated repowering and remanufacturing/overhaul solutions.

All our engines:

– respect the environment;
– reliable under all circumstances;
– assure affordable use;
– receive assistance and dedicated spare part policy.

Daily contribution to reduce global warming and atmospheric pollution thanks to our solutions with low or zero CO2, NOx, PM emission.

Our Values

Team Spirit and Growth

People are central in our development strategy. We encourage growth, formation, and team spirit to get the best out of all shareholders.


We invest in the research and development of innovative products, anticipating future trends. The fervor and enthusiasm for our mission pushes us towards a continuous research for excellence.

Customer at the center

Our engines are tailored to our clients’ needs: we work and create partnerships build around a common philosophy and shared values. We passionately believe in mutual trust throughout the entire process, from planning all the way post sale services.


Ethics are fundamental in our policy. They are the core of our business activities.


We actively contribute to lower polluting emission and reduce the environmental impact. We aim to fulfill present requirements without compromising future generations.