About us

We are an innovative Startup

We are an innovative Italian startup, operating in four continents and we have one great ambition: environmental and economical sustainability. 

We develop alternative fueled engines and promote green circular economy models.

We produce natural gas, hydrogen, dual fuel, and hybrid power systems for machines, new vehicles and for the aftermarket.

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Work field

In the heart of Motor Valley

Our ‘engine-clinic’ is located in Reggio Emila, in the heart of the Motor Valley. Land of passion, tradition, and know-how of the engine world.

Thanks to the expertise and competence of our engine doctors – working from the design to testing and all the way to the implementation – we propose innovative and sustainable solutions for clients and the environment.

We look for partnerships in order to create economic and social wellbeing, reinforcing the ecosystem of sustainable mobility.

Motor Valley NGV Powertrain
Carburanti rinnovabili Blu

Reducing polluting emission and offer the opportunity to use renewable fuel

Economia Circolare Blu

The circular economy objective: giving existing fleets and assets a second life by improving the performance and efficiency

Modello Glocal blu

The Glocal Model: transferring knowledge, assembling engines in the clients' factory (in order not to interfere with local workforce and employment)

Modelli Sostenibili Blu

Economic sustainable solutions for our clients and society (without the necessity of incentives)

costi di acquisto accessibili

Ensuring the purchase is accessible for developing countries