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Contributing to sustainability means being in synergy with people, environment and economic progress. Our 6 key commitments contribute to the achievement of our main goals and accelerate the transition to net-zero.


Innovative green solutions that respect biodiversity and improve people’s lives.


Upskilling our team and people while answering to the needs of society.


Ensuring a fair transition to net-zero, open to all players of the world.


Creating long-term relations with partners, customers and suppliers.


Sharing know-how and empowering customers worldwide.


Promoting local circular economy models with a positive impact on communities.


We are called to achieve the net-zero transition by 2050.

This requires a balanced and thoughtful energy mix made up of green electricity and other low-to-zero emission sources.

Biofuels, hydrogen, and other locally available renewable fuels, together with the ICE technology, are strategic assets for energy resilience and independence of local communities.


We promote a wide range of alternative fuels and technical solutions. Together, they will lead to the most sustainable combination in terms of emissions, financing and energy resilience, both from a local and a global perspective.

We take action for 2030 sustainable development goals set by United Nations agenda to achieve a better and prosperous future for all. We promote green and circular economies by fostering sustainable business models, since:

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Our company continuously innovates, like the solutions we offer. We accelerate the green transition thanks to alternative power sources that will – on one hand – act as an enabler of investments in new infrastructure and – on the other hand – leverage on existing infrastructure to achieve short-term goals.

Sustainable cities and communities

We are constantly working on new-generation fuel technologies for mobility and energy solutions in both urban and rural areas. We also act for communities, sustaining and matching the demand and supply of green energy sources available locally. We provide training to local technicians because selling innovative products isn’t enough. We believe that for the success of products, the local realities must embrace the technologies.

Responsible consumption and production

Circularity is the key for sustainability. Rethinking how we can optimize the use of available resources and sharing our know-how with customers and end-users is a winning combination to boost the net-zero transition.

Climate action

Our climate strategy addresses all our stakeholders, from employees to supply chain partners, customers, as well as local communities. Our planet needs a right and efficient energy mix. The balance between society and environment will depend on the availability, sustainability and economy of the resources of each ecosystem.



Since September 2022, NGV Powertrain joined the initiative promoted by NPO Friendship Without Boundaries Association (Associazione Amici Senza Frontiere). We started to contribute to the plastic bottle tops collection and recycling: a waste that, if recycled, can finance projects of social relevance in Burkina Faso.

Friendship Without Boundaries was set up in Parma in 1984 by two friends after a volunteer experience in the Catholic Mission of Klouekanmè, in Benin.

Since its foundation, the NPO has supported impactful health, school and social projects on the African continent.

The collection of plastic tops was started in 2015 and is aimed at financing the drilling of wells dedicated to the extraction of a primary resource: water.

Thanks to this project, local communities have access to clean and drinkable water, a fundamental element for life and the launch of various activities, such as the cultivation of community gardens and the breeding of farmyard animals.


We feel responsible for all the plants cut to meet society’s daily needs.
Trees are for the well-being of the planet and the balance of nature.
Because they counteract CO2 emissions, responsible for global warming.

Conserving and preserving forests is essential to help our planet breathe and hinder climate change. We have Planting new trees helps to restore the part of the 'green lung' that our planet has lost and continues to lose and, moreover, increases the number of plants in the growth phase, the one in which they absorb more CO2.

For this reason, we have taken part in Treedom's initiatives, planting cocoa, banana and coffee trees on all continents.
Because every little gesture, when added to others, makes a difference for the future of the planet.