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startup innovative 

startup innovative 

startup innovative 

green solutions 

green solutions 

green solutions 


Innovative greentech company with a great ambition: environmental, social and economic sustainability. We are manufacturers of engines, developing the next generation of power systems fueled by natural gas (CNG, LNG), biofuels (biomethane, bioethanol, etc.) and e-fuels (hydrogen, e-methanol, etc.), including hybrid-electric versions.

Our Purpose

Empower a new sustainable paradigm for mobility and energy solutions in the hard-to-abate sectors, with positive impacts on human health and sustainable development.

Our Mission

In a more and more interconnected world, transportation plays a key role. Let’s not forget the connection of people with the planet, by promoting sustainable models of development.

Our Vision

Optimize performance, reliability and costs for our customers and minimize the environmental impact. On road, on land, by sea, across the rivers… Wherever a green solution is needed, we are by your side.

We are manufacturers of innovative, alternative-fuel engines.
We introduce into the market
green solutions enabling an
actionable, fully sustainable,
and quick transition to net-zero.

David Caponi

CEO and Chairman of NGV Powertrain



Inclusion means respecting the needs of others and fostering development and growth of every region of the world. We aim at improving people’s life by enabling green economy models employing cost-efficient solutions, with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for customers and communities.


Innovation powers progress. So do our engines. Starting from modular – ‘fuel agnostic’ – base engine platforms, we develop and build diverse alternative-fuel engines employing clean and cutting-edge proprietary technologies, including advanced connectivity solutions.


A smooth energy transition is needed now. The only way to make it happen in the present is to combine the use of different energy carriers, depending on application and local availability. Thanks to our diversified green solutions, we have paved the way for this shift.

At the heart of Motor Valley. 

At the heart of Motor Valley. 

At the heart of Motor Valley. 

At the heart of Motor Valley. 

At the heart of Motor Valley. 


Our "engine clinic" is based at the heart of Motor Valley, Italy. A land of passion and know-how, where innovation and heritage meet and give birth to legends.

Our engine doctors create innovative and excellent products for customers, end-users and environment.

We value our roots, which are entrenched in such a sensational ecosystem having engines as its pulsating heart. At the same time, our ambition and reach is truly global.

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People make the difference. We feel the well-being of individuals and their growth as our responsibility. These are the basis of our ethical standards. The spirit of collaboration and the passion for our work make us a team of excellence, constantly looking for innovation, capable of facing the most daring challenges.

30 people

Management team with 300+ years of experience

We have a truly international and excellent team, which is our large family.
Our management team bears extensive experience and great knowledge of the industry, in all of its various facets: from industrial engines, to vehicles, to alternative-fuel applications.

international team